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traditional cuisine

Our dishes are inspired by the traction of the lake and its mountains, aimed at enhancing our territory and its flavors. Our concise menu includes meat and fish dishes, naturally from freshwater, as well as some vegetarian options. The pasta is homemade. Among our most appreciated offerings is the rice with perch in the old-fashioned way.

Ours is a cuisine designed for small tables; for this reason, we welcome groups of up to six guests; for larger groups, in order to ensure adequate service, we invite you to choose a tasting menu in advance. For further information, our staff is at your disposal.


Appetizers mark the opening of the meal, a taste that prepares us for the continuation of lunch or dinner with a range of fresh and refined flavors.

Each chef’s creation promises taste, quality, and innovation from the very first bite!

first courses

The first courses are the real stars of the table, a culinary journey exploring flavors and textures.

From pasta to risottos, which embrace an endless variety of ingredients and seasonings, to the most innovative dishes created by the hands of our Chefs.

main courses

The main courses represent the climax of every meal, where culinary skill is best expressed through intense and unique flavors.

Succulent meat or fresh fish are masterfully transformed into dishes that are a feast for the palate.

These encapsulate the richness of gastronomic traditions, enhancing every ingredient and creating a harmony of tastes that celebrates the essence of fine dining.

The Delicacies

The sweets, with their sweet temptation, are the perfect epilogue to every meal.

Whether it’s a Mousse, a Semifreddo, or a refreshing Sorbet, each dessert is an invitation to indulge in a moment of pure joy.